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The baby name “Corona” among the most popular this year in the U.S.!

The baby name “Corona” among the most popular this year in the U.S.!
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A few months ago, at a time that now seems distant, only few people would have thought of naming their little baby Corona. But it seems that is now a trend emerging in parts of the world, because of the pandemic we are currently fighting. We have also seen the birth of small Covid, Covid-Marie, Purell! 

But when it comes to the first name Corona, it currently occupies the top 100 most popular female first names in 2020 in the United States as reported The Bump. It might be in the 100th place, but it's still included in the top!

The female baby name that occupies the top of the podium in the United States this year is Mila, while for the boys it is Braxton who is the big winner.

American couples who do not know the sex of their unborn baby and who want to choose a first name in advance all the same turn mainly to Reese. What do you think?

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Another trend in the States this year is to use the stars as inspiration for naming a baby. Thus, there are now small babies named Aurora, Nova and Luna. Very cute!

We don't know how the little "Coronas" will react once they get older. Will they be proud to represent a virus that will have raged very heavily in their country (currently more than 4.3 million people are infected with COVID-19) or irritated at having to carry this somewhat macabre memory all their life? At least, they will be able to tell themselves that Corona comes from the word "crown" in Spanish and present themselves as princesses or queens instead!

What do you think of the name? Would you name your baby something like Corona or Purell? 

Source: Night Life · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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