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The best hack for cleaning radiators!

 The best hack for cleaning radiators!
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One spot that is almost always overlooked at while doing a deep cleaning is the radiator. While we know that they might be dirty and full of dust, we simply don't have enough energy or motivation to clean them! Well, Mrs Clever Clean on TikTok has an amazing hack that only takes a few minutes!

WARNING: You can only use this tip if you have a regular gas radiator, you should never try this on an electric radiator. 

Here is the best cleaning hack for radiators!


  • Boiling Water
  • Detergent (powdered) 
  • Measuring Jug 
  • Plastic Container
  • Towel 


  1. Start by mixing the powdered detergent and boiling water in the measuring jug.
  2. Place a plastic container along with a towel under the radiator. 
  3. Slowly pour the mixture into the radiator.
  4. As the water is being poured, you will see a grim brown water coming out! 

Here's the full video!

Do you have radiator at home? Will you be trying this trick? Have you ever cleaned them before?

Source: Lad Bible · Photo Credit: TikTok/clever.clean

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