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The best laundry hack to get rid of lint.

The best laundry hack to get rid of lint.
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If you wear a lot of dark clothes you know how annoying it is when you take them out of the washer and they are covered in lint! We already spent too much time a week doing laundry and now we have to spend even more time removing lint on clean clothes!

If you are also in that same situation, we have an amazing hack for you! Next time you do a load of laundry, simply put a wet wipe inside the washer! The wet wipes act like an absorber and help remove unwanted hair (or fur) and lint.  You are then left with much cleaner clothes and don't have to spend extra time removing residue!

You should always use new wipes for each load and put only one to three wipes depending on the size of the load. Also, make sure the wipes you are using are strong enough and won't tear inside the washer, that would be even worse than lint! 

You clothes might also absorb the smell of the wipes so make sure to use unscented one! You can also add a bit of fabric softener to them so your clothes will smell really fresh. 

Did you know about this trick? Do you have any other laundry trick to share with us?

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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