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The best parenting hack: Calm Down Jar.

The best parenting hack: Calm Down Jar.
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The calm down jar is a technique designed by Maria Montessori, pedagogue and educator, and is behind the Montessori method of education. The calm-down bottle is a device created to help relax children in times of stress or tantrums. 

And don't think that this is a miracle technique that only benefits children: when our little ones are calmer, so are the parents! 

Let's not forget that children's anger is normal at a certain age, however when it becomes too frequent, parents start to worry and even despair.

To help us face anxious kids and tantrums, there are all kinds of techniques and advice. The calm down jar method is aimed to encourage the development of children without resorting to punishment, but by harnessing their potential instead. It is designed for children between two to six years old. Studies show that this bottle helps kids stay entertained and focused. Of course, you must have previously explained to them what it is for.

So, how to make a calm down jar?


  • A transparent bottle or jar with a lid
  • 1 or 2 measures of clear glue containing glitter 
  • Glitter
  • Dye/color 
  • Shampoo/glycerin
  • Hot Water


  1. Fill the bottle with all the ingredients. The quantities should adapt to the size of the container. It is important not to fill the jar all the way to the top to leave a space of just over one centimeter.
  2. You can also add small toys, such as small boats, geometric figures or little hearts. In this case, be careful not to put too much so that they are clearly distinguished in the jar.
  3. Mix everything together and make sure to seal the lid with hot glue so that the child cannot open it.

When the cool-down bottle is done right, the different elements move around in the jar in a very interesting way. This is because shampoo, water, and glue have different densities. They don't mix and flow at varying speeds, creating movement.

The benefits 

This technique has many advantages, as it allows children to regain their usual rhythm and energy. To use it, the child simply shakes the jar and observes the movement of the elements, which allows them to stay focused.

  • Stimulates the ability to concentrate.
  • Stabilizes the energy of the child.
  • Relax the mind and prepare to sleep.
  • Works on hyperactive children. 

Do you have children? How do you deal with tantrums?

Source: Etre Parents · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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