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The best tip to carry a baby car seat effortlessly!

The best tip to carry a baby car seat effortlessly!
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Car seats are great for protecting the little ones when driving around and transporting them from the car to the house. However, they can be a pain to carry around and many new-moms realized how difficult it is to carry these bulky things. Some even start to feel chronic pain in the back, shoulder an legs! But did you know that you might be carrying your precious little cargo wrong?

 Bridge Family Chiro is a family of chiropractors that are trying to teach new moms the best way to carry a car seat. In fact, the best pain-free way is to you loop your arm through the handle and hold the carseat from underneath. 

Watch the technique in action:

Bridge Family Chiro explains that holding and carrying the car seat the wrong way, can cause serious strain on the upper back, shoulders, and even the hips. The more you are walking with the car seat the wrong way, the more damage you are doing to your body!

Did you know about this technique? Please do share to any new-moms around you!

Source: tip hero · Photo Credit: tip hero

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