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The first thing you see in this picture will reveal your personality!

The first thing you see in this picture will reveal your personality!
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We all have a different personality, everyone see the world with their own eyes and "reality" is different for each individual. Our subconscious can reveal interesting aspects of us and many tests aim to reveal them to us!

Here is one of those tests, which is very simple. It divides our world into 3 categories and each of us would belong to one of them. It tell us about the way we approach our lives.

According to the creators of this test, everything we do in life is based on one of these categories. So we are different, but maybe not that much?

We invite you to take this test, in order to see which subliminal message will be revealed to you.

Do you want to try? You just have to look at this picture. What do you see first? Follow your intuition, don't analyze! Then, see the result below.

Here are the results!

1. If you saw the face first 

If the face catches your eye first, your personality is like a puzzle. You are not necessarily looking for your deep "self"; rather, you are trying to create yourself. You have the desire to show yourself to the world. You try to be good at a number of different areas and put them together like pieces of a puzzle to build the ideal image of yourself.

You take the different character pieces that you put together to create this picture. But that desire to build your image perfectly can be counterproductive. Remember that perfection is an illusion!

2. If you see a brain or a tree first. 

Like a tree, you want to deepen your knowledge. You are really curious and you do what it takes to understand the world and learn as much as possible about it. All that guides you is the pursuit of knowledge!

You enjoy learning new things on a variety of subjects. You are probably very interested in supernatural phenomena, conspiracy theories, and mysteries!

People see you as someone who is knowledgeable in a number of areas. However, you don't care how others perceive you. What you want is to know who you really are and understand your mission on Earth. It is the greatest mystery of your life.

The important thing is not to get lost in the process! 

3. If you see birds and nature first.

Like birds, you don't feel like being part of the game that society is trying to play.

You are not trying to create or find yourself. Your goal is simply to be free to be yourself and to experience the world. You probably don't feel like you belong where you are. You want to travel and explore the world!

You don't like staying in one place for too long. Knowing that everything is momentary amplifies your anxiety and your desire to try different experiences. You are a person who likes to party and be "crazy" from time to time. You don't tend to take things very seriously.

Being surrounded by nature makes you happy. The very idea of being able to explore exotic places fills you with joy. For you, experience takes precedence over any knowledge. You like to absorb information and materialize different elements, but not for too long.  You focus on the future! 

However, be sure to take good care of your relationships. Even if nothing is permanent, it is still very important.

Do you agree with the result? Which item did you see first? 

Source: Ton Mag · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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