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The infallible method for knowing your ideal hair length: do you know the 2.25 rule?

The infallible method for knowing your ideal hair length: do you know the 2.25 rule?
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Does the coming autumn season make you think about changing your hair? Still wondering if you want to cut them short or leave them long?

Before putting the scissors to your hair, do the 2.25 test. This is the best way of knowing if short hair will suit you better than long hair (and the opposite!).

This trick was invented by an expert in the world of hairdressing, Gilles Robinson. It consists of measuring the distance between your earlobe and the underside of your chin.

How to do it?

Ideally, get help from someone else to take the measure, it can be difficult to do alone.

Take a ruler, and position it vertically so that the 0 line is exactly at the bottom of the lobe of your ear, then place a pencil horizontally just below your chin, with the tip pointing towards the ruler.

Now all you have to do is read the number the pencil points to. If it's less than 2.25 inches, it means that short hair suits best your face, but if it's more than 2.25 inches, it means long hair will give you your best look.

The shape of your face is also very important when choosing a new cut!

If you have a round face, you need a hairstyle that counterbalances this and stretches the face a little. It is therefore recommended to create a little volume on the top of the head and to surround the face with thinner locks, preferably tapered.

The oval face is more balanced in length and width, and fits almost all hairstyles. You should choose a cut that keeps the face clear and highlights its harmony.

A square face, which is characterized by a broad forehead and jaw, needs a hairstyle that brings it softness. By creating volume at the top of the head and opting for an asymmetrical layered cut, the wide aspect of the cheekbones and jaws will be reduced.

Those who have a long face (thin, long chin) must choose a cut that can break the length of the face and give it a little more width. It is therefore advisable to opt for a hair length that is between the bottom of the jaw and the shoulders, with layers that bring volume and movement.

Source: Santé+Mag · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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