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The largest snow maze in the world is in Canada!

The largest snow maze in the world is in Canada!
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Did you know that the Guinness World Record for the largest snow labyrinth on the planet is held by Canada? It is located in the province of Manitoba. And this year it is even bigger, to meet the health measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner of the premises, Clint Masse, told Narcity that the icy structure will grow from 30,021 to 61,354 square feet in 2021 to allow greater physical distancing between visitors! 

The snow maze is usually built in A Maze In Corn, is located in Saint-Adophe, located south of Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba.

source: Instagram @amazeincorn

Although Manitoba authorizes the opening of this magical site,Masse assures that he needs a lot more snow in his area, because they still have to built about 400 feet of walls per day. However, Masse assured to approach 6,000 feet of wall even if Mother Nature does not play in his favor.

Instagram @amazeincorn

Locals are eagerly awaiting the opening of this site, where they can embark on treasure hunts, traverse the labyrinth, take a quick sleigh ride on a snow-capped mountain and slide down a gigantic toboggan.

Canadians can enjoy this magical site from January through March - all depending on Covid-19 restrictions, for the low price of around $10. However, it seems like Canadians will be the only one who can enjoy this winter wonderland as the borders are still closed for their Americans neighbours.  

Instagram @amazeincorn

Could this attraction make you enjoy winter a little more? Do you get snow in your city? 

Source: Q'PASA · Photo Credit: Instagram @amazeincorn

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