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The length of your pinky has a lot to say about your personality!

The length of your pinky has a lot to say about your personality!
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Many people trust the lines of the hand to predict the future. But did you know that even the length of little fingers has significance? Apparently the length could say a lot about our personality!

Are you ready to know the truth about your personality? Even if you don't believe in it, it could be fun to read!

A. The little finger is equal to the phalanx:

Honestly is very important to you, but also value your independence. People trust you because of your honestly and your great wisdom. When you get on a project, you make it all right. You don't leave anything lightly. You hate injustice and are not scared to advocate for it, but behind that strong character hides a tender and loving person. 

B. The little finger longer than the phalanx:

You are a trusted person. You hate to lie and especially to be lied to. You know what you want and you always get it! You have a strong character, to the point of causing certain altercations on occasion. Despite this, you are a faithful person, both when it comes to friendship and love!

C. The little finger is shorter than the phalanx:

You are a kind person, with a big heart and always there for the people around you. But sometimes this beautiful quality plays tricks on you. You tend to overdo it, you trust too much and therefore you get tricked at times. People can always count on you. You are unique!

What about you? Is your pinky longer or shorter? Do you believe these descriptions are true?

Source: Youtube - alia sony · Photo Credit: Youtube - alia sony

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