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The new beauty trend of 2020: wavy lips.

The new beauty trend of 2020: wavy lips.
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When you think 2020 couldn't be any worse, there is something new adding to the pile! As if the world's pandemic (Coronavirus), wild fires, deadly explosions, social unrest and the killing of innocents people were not enough, people are now starting to torture themselves with a new trend!

Called “Octopus lips” or “Devil lips” this new trend consist of giving your lips a wavy shape. This look can be achieve using lip fillers to another whole level. We all remember last year when lip fillers were extremely popular after the Kardashian and Jenner popularized them! Well, the good thing was that lip fillers are not permanent and will eventually go away.

However, "playing" with the lips outline and making it stretched out and distorted is not recommended by experts. In fact, there might not be any coming back from that! Or could it all be only photoshop? We will let you judge by yourself, take a look at these pictures:

Experts think that the trend originated in Russia. 

It gives the lips a very unnatural shape.

What do you think of "Cloud" lips? 

It is definitely not for everyone!

What do you think?

What do you think of these new trends? Will you get "Wavy Lips"? 

Source: Totally The Bomb · Photo Credit: Instagram @wizazpl

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