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The new summer trend: stock tank pools!

The new summer trend: stock tank pools!
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While regular swimming pool can cost anywhere between $10,000 to hundreds of thousands, a stock tank usually range from $200 to $450! They might not look as good and prestigious but they do have some kind of charm! And the most important thing, they will refresh you during the hot summer days! If you were thinking about getting one or are in the fence, take a look at the ideas below! It might actually inspire you to change your mind and give stock tank pool a chance!

Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, many people won't be able to afford a regular pool anymore - or simply don't want to - so lots of people are turning to the stock tank option! It's the summer trend for 2020!

Stock tank pools are a much cheaper alternative.

There is still plenty of ways to make them look good in your backyard, how about some flamingos? 

They certainly add a little rustic charm!

The kids will love it! 

They were first used for water for livestock but more and more people are adopting them as pools!

You can even add a pool filter to keep it clean and fresh. 

They are also really easy to set up. If you are up for the challenge, build a little patio around it! 

If the aluminium look to it is turning you down, simply paint it!

They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit everyone's wallet and taste.

What do you think? Would you get a stock tank pool? 

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