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The next hair trend for 2020: holographic hair!

The next hair trend for 2020: holographic hair!
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If you're looking to add some color to your life, it might be easier than you think. You can see all the color of the rainbow in the bathroom mirror by following the new emerging trend: holographic hair!

After the crazy trends such as unicorn hair, mermaid hair, hair dressers are going even further with holographic hair!

Some people may be afraid to dye their hair. This is indeed a risk to take, but the result can be fabulous! If that is your cup of tea. 

It's not for nothing that the 2020 trend already fascinates so many people.

Here are some people who dared to try holographic style for their hair.

Some of the results are simply mesmerizing! Inspired by nature, or even paintings by great master painters, they are almost works of art!

Both men and women can adopt this trend. Obviously you have to accept that you will get looks of everyone around, because it is impossible not to pay attention holographic hair.

Whether you opt for warm colors or pastels, a vibrant or lighter rainbow, you can really get a unique look and all eyes on you!

Here are some examples of holographic dyes:

1. Blue Toned Holographic

2. Teal with Rainbow Highlights

3. Fairy Dust

4. Purple Holographic

5. Pastel Rainbow

6. Holographic Strand

7. Vivid Holographic

8. Neon Lights

9. Mermaid Holographic

10. Short Hair Holographic

11. Rainbow Holographic

12. Faded Holographic

13. Halo Prism

14. Natural Prisms

15. Snowy Rainbow

These colors sure seem difficult to maintain, should you go to the hairdresser every week or so to maintain such a beautiful mane?

Will you embark on this ultra colorful trend, or will you pass? Do you find it pretty at least, or not at all?

Source: Twenty-two Words · Photo Credit: Twenty-two Words

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