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The perfect way to get a crystal clear windshield

The perfect way to get a crystal clear windshield
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It is very difficult to get a windshield as crystal clear as this video shows! But what this young man explains to us is that to get there, we must first understand why our windshield gets so dirty!

It is covered with a greasy film, and what makes it so dirty is often the oils contained in the dashboard or in the products we use to clean it. So, as soon as the heat increases a little in the car, these oils are released and adhere directly on the windshield, which creates that greasy film that bothers us. There is also the problem of cigarette smoke, but not everyone smokes! So... We can also see a little film that reflects outside lights at night, and when this film thickens, it becomes more and more annoying!

Now that you know why the windshield of your car ends up with a greasy film, here's what to do:

1) In order to thoroughly clean the inside of your windshield, clean the outside first.
2) Then clean the windshield with a microfiber cloth and 10% alcohol, or with a magic eraser to degrease the glass.
3) Then use your favorite glass cleaner by applying it to a microfibre cloth, not directly on the windshield!

For the rear windows, only soapy water is recommended.

Watch the video and you will see how clean the windows of his vehicle are!

Source: youtube ChrisFix · Photo Credit: Youtube screen capture

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