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The secret to have soft and absorbent bath towels

The secret to have soft and absorbent bath towels
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Over time and washes, bath towels become rough and less absorbent. We would like to have soft and fluffy towels !

But how do I keep towels soft ? There is a solution for everyone, it is natural and economical. And above all, very effective !

Now it's time to make towels soft and fluffy again.

Here is how to make your bath towels soft again :

Plan to do two wash cycles with hot water without using detergent or fabric softener.

For the first wash cycle, pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the detergent drawer.

For the second wash cycle, pour 150 g of baking soda.

White vinegar will remove soap and limescale residue stuck to the fibers of the towels.

The baking soda will dissolve the greasy residues.

In addition, this method will neutralize bad odors, like when you forget the wet towels in a pile of laundry or in the washing machine.

Vinegar and baking soda form a dream team to remove nasty smells. These two products do not just mask unpleasant odors ; they kill bacteria and permanently remove odors. They make a chemical reaction ( do you remember these volcanoes, in science huh ? ). This reaction will penetrate deep into the fibers of your towel and kill all stubborn odors.


With such a clever tip in your toolbox, you will always have fluffy towels and you will almost be at the spa every day !

Once again, water, vinegar and baking soda come to the rescue of one of your household issue ! We should use this natural and inexpensive products more often, don't you think ?

Unfortunately, the magic of this process has its limits . . . it will not teach children to hang their bath towels ! We can't have everything !

On the other hand, they will perhaps be more enthusiastic to take a shower, because they will have soft and fluffy towels without unpleasant odors.

Now, it is time to wash your bath towels ! With this method you will have soft and fluffy bath towels !

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