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The simplest trick to know if there is still propane in your tank!

The simplest trick to know if there is still propane in your tank!
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Anyone who likes summer barbecues has already experienced this situation, guests arrive, you turn on the barbecue and you realize that the propane tank is empty. Even worse, when the cooking of tasty steaks is interrupted by sudden lack of propane!

It then remains to go fill it as quickly as possible and often times, the closest place selling tanks is overpriced! So frustrating!

To avoid this frustration in the future, there is a super easy and effective trick to know the level of propane that your cylinder contains.

How to proceed?

Place your cylinder on the ground outside. Heat 1 or 2 liters of water and pour it slowly over the entire side of the bottle.

Youtube - Les Trucs de Annie et Vicky

You will quickly see that the top of the container is hot, while the bottom section is cold!

The place where hot meets cold is the level of propane left in your cylinder!

Youtube - Les Trucs de Annie et Vicky

What could be easier than this little trick?

You can also measure the amount of gas in your cylinder by weight. Most cylinders mention, on their upper part, their weight, either empty or in total. It then remains to weigh the bottle on a scale. Then, using a simple subtraction, you can then deduct the amount of gas remaining,

Otherwise, you can also get an electronic level indicator. Equipped with magnets, simply place it on the cylinder and slide it down until the red LED turns green, indicating the level of remaining liquid gas.

It's up to you to choose the method that suits you the most! In our view, water remains the simplest and most economical method!

Wishing you a great summer, with no propane breakdown! Treat yourself and remember to check the bottle before taking out the food to cook it!

Source: VR Camping · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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