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The summer gadget for travelers and campers who value their comfort when ... “evacuating”!

The summer gadget for travelers and campers who value their comfort when ... “evacuating”!
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If you like long road trips or camping in the wild, you know that sometimes going to the bathroom is no easy task! Crouch by the car on the side of the road, find a flea-free corner in the wild... You what we mean. There's no comfort and hello soreness!

So maybe the "Bumper Dumper" might interest you! It is actually a portable toilet seat holder! A strange item, but that somehow practical.

The "hygienic" gadget is made of high quality steel, and can support a user of 600 pounds! But the toilet itself is light and easy to use.

The machine comes with a standard size toilet seat, but if you want your favorite seat, no problem. Any standard size toilet seat can be mounted on this frame. In addition, the Bumper Dumper offers an optional clip that can be used as a toilet paper holder.

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How to proceed? Simply hang the support and the seat on the bumper of your car. Then add a plastic bag or a large bucket, so you can get rid of the result of the session after. (In a trash can, please!) It might not be for everyone! 

Cautious, the manufacturers have indicated that this product should be used when the car is completely stopped! One wonders who would defecate on a seat attached to a moving car, but ... you are warned! 

We suggest finding a comfortable place to park, ideally where there is a beautiful view. Then hang the bracket on the bumper of your vehicle and do what you have to do!

This seat improves the comfort of your "duty" outside, but it remains a potential privacy issue. This is why some creative people have found solutions. For example, by creating a tent with a shower curtain.


Here is an explanatory video for this product, which is priced at around USD $80.

In this period during which many hesitate to use public toilets, because of a fear of transmission of the coronavirus, it is an option!

What do you think of this product? Would you be able to use it?

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