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The truly best 15 hacks for gardening!

The truly best 15 hacks for gardening!
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1. Jug Watering Can

Recycle an old milk or juice jug to create your own watering can, the best part about it - besides being so inexpensive- it is totally customizable! Simply use a big or a small needle to make the holes, according to your needs. 

A Journey to a Dream

2. Watermelon Support 

Create a DIY watermelon slings using old t-shirts! 

Vegetable Gardener

3. Tomato Plant Insulation 

Tomato plants require a warm climate so use plastic wrap to help keep the heat inside! 

Don’t Waste the Crumbs

4. Diapers in Potting Plants 

Looks crazy but it works! The diaper will help retain moisture especially if your plants tend to dry out!

Sandpaper and Silly Putty

5. Vertical Garden

This is great if you are lacking space for gardening. Use rain gutters and some strong wires to create a vertical garden!

Architecture Art Designs

6. Plant Insulation 

Another hack using milk jugs, you really have to keep them! Insulate smaller plants with milk jugs to create a greenhouse warmth. 

Don’t Waste the Crumbs

7. Wood Pallet Strawberry Planter 

The great thing about this hack is that you can plant the top and also between the slats. That means a bigger harvest of delicious strawberries. 

Lovely Greens

8. Rain Gutter Planter 

Another idea for strawberries: use rain gutters as planter boxes! 

Beautiful Home and Garden DIY

9. Prevent Mess

For houseplant this time! Line your pots with a coffee filter to stop the soil from falling through any hole (like the small drainage ones).

This Old House

10. Self Watering Table 

This hack is a little bit more pricey and will cost around $100. This hack will allow the plants to get water as needed from the bottom part. That will prevent under or over watering!


11. Test Your Seeds

If you are not sure that your seeds are still good, dampen a paper towel with warm water. Then, place some seeds from the packet and fold the paper towel. Keep the paper towel dampen for a few days and look for some sprouting!


12. Foam Peanuts Hack 

Improve the drainage of plants by adding foam peanuts to half the bottom of your pot. Then cover with a landscape fabric and the rest with potting soil.

The Family Handyman

13. Plastic Forks 

To keep animals to use the garden as their personal toilet,  insert a few plastic forks all throughout your garden! This will discourage them. 


14. Plant Starters

A very easy way to start your seeds is using eggshells! Wash and boil the eggshells then fill with soil and put them back in their egg carton. 

Squawk Fox

15. Toilet Paper Starters

Another easy and cheap way to start your seeds! Use toilet paper rolls!

Earth 911

Hope these hacks will help you maintain your garden! 

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