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These 15 plants and flowers bring more positivity and happiness into your home

These 15 plants and flowers bring more positivity and happiness into your home
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Do you believe in the powers of plants?

Did you know that plants can remove the negative energies in your home, but that they can also bring you health, happiness and a certain wealth?

According to the Shared website, the plants are conscious. And the researchers have discovered that plants can lose consciousness with the use of anesthetics without dying. And even, like humans, they could give off certain energies.

Good energies that would bring positivity, happiness, health and prosperity.

Here are 15 plants that you should keep in your home to bring prosperity:

1) The fern:

The fern is known to remove negative energies and improve air quality. It absorbs harmful toxins. Its narrow leaves will be more effective if they are placed in the corner of a room, near the front door of your house.


2) Morning Glory:

These beautiful blue flowers are supposed to bring happiness and peace. They are so beautiful that they will brighten your days. It's believed that putting the seeds of the plant under your pillow prevents nightmares and encourages a full night's rest.


3) The Feng Shui money plant:

We often see these trees in Chinese restaurants, they are usually decorated with Chinese gold coins. This plant brings good luck and wealth. Obviously the tree will not produce money, but it will help you to attract money.


4) Lucky bamboo:

For thousands of years people have been planting lucky bamboo to bring peace and prosperity into their lives.

According to Chinese traditions, each stalk represents the amount of luck you will receive.

Two stalks bring love, three stalks bring wealth and longevity, and seven stalks represent good health. Keep in mind, the more stalks you have, the more luck you'll receive.


5) The lotus:

The lotus flower is one of the most popular symbols of Buddhism. It represents enlightenment, or even rebirth. If you can keep a white lotus flower in your home, you will bring an extremely positive energy and anyone entering your home will feel it immediately.

Regardless of the flower's color, the lotus invites happiness into the lives of those who try their best to remain positive.


6) Sage:

Sage is very well known for its purifying properties.

It is always suggested to burn sage in all rooms of a new house to chase all the negative energies that have remained in the house since the last occupants. It is also said that sage protects your home from evil spirits.

Indigenous believe that sage is one of the most sacred plants in the world. Also research has shown that simply inhaling this herb boosts cognition.


7) The peace lily:

The peace lily improves the quality of the air in an incredible way. It is very good for health. Among other things, it is known for preventing asthma, headaches, cancers and more.


8) The Jade plant:

Jade is a shrub that brings wealth and prosperity. Also known for bringing good luck, this plant is also known as the friendship tree or the lucky plant. Thick branches symbolize growth and renewal.

To make the most of this plant, place it in a corner of your living room. The closer you'll get from this plant, the better you'll be.


9) Jasmine:

Jasmine is known to bring love into your life and strengthen your relationships.

During times of stress, breathe in the pleasant smell of your jasmine plant to encourage positive thinking. This plant should be placed on a windowsill inside your home.


10) The lemon tree:

The lemon tree brings happiness in a house. Place it in a bright place preferably near a door.


11) Miniature roses:

Miniature roses attract good people in your life. Which consequently, brings you joy and health.

But they also have healing properties. They are anti-inflammatory and are known to soothe the skin, alleviate anxiety, depression and digestive issues.


12) The orchid:

Orchid brings fertility, prosperity and good luck. Place several orchids in your home, especially in the living room, to increase its effectiveness. Make sure you do not put them in a dry environment, otherwise the flowers will wilt and eventually dry out.


13) Rosemary:

This pleasant-smelling plant has powerful effects on your mind, spirit, and body. It contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are known to relieve stress and encourage good health. Keep the plant in your bedroom to help you fall asleep and have good night's sleep.


14) Lavender:

Lavender does not only have calming effects, it also encourages happiness and health.


15) The spider plant:

The spider plant is perfect for health. Its long, narrow leaves purify the air quality in homes. Place it by the fireplace or in the kitchen to detoxify the environment.


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