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These 20 people should never be allowed in a kitchen again!

These 20 people should never be allowed in a kitchen again!
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Not everyone is a foodie, but in general most of us are doing well. In any case, enough to survive by preparing edible meals.

However, some people are actually real culinary disasters in a kitchen. You think you are not good at it? Take a look at these 20 pictures below - they are probably way worse!

1. A smoothie is so good!

Except when you have to repaint the walls afterwards...

source: TheCreatorLovesYou / reddit

2. The recipe was supposed to be avocado and banana cake, with a perfect texture and only 154 calories.

According to the person who cooked it, "the dough tasted like dish soap and scrambled eggs." Eww!

source: bikedumpling / reddit

3. In a kitchen, you should never be away for too long.

Whether commercial or private.

source: vistathrash666 / reddit

4. Fish is a delicate food ...

Be careful not to lose the end result!

source: O-shi / reddit

5. These are ... cookies?


source: zen_n_stuff / reddit

6. Her daughter wanted a Little Mermaid cake

She did her best ...

source: noodlepartipoodle / reddit

7. These are the most questionable macaroons in the history of macaroons.

It looks like any overcooked vegetable...

source: oothfairy222 / reddit

9. This person thought they can cook..

But they still can't cook pasta properly...

source: bengregz / twitter

10. Not all covers are oven safe

This person learned it the hard way.

source: CakeandJam / twitter

11. First attempt at honey cake

They will have to try again ...

source: DebbStep19 / twitter

12. A trick to no longer be invited to  potluck ...

"I brought cold spaghetti in gelatin. I'm sure they'll never invite me again."

source: fej057 / reddit

13. The most irregularly grilled steak in history

To share when two people don't like the same cook?

source: jt312 / reddit

14. Special breakfast

Burnt pancakes

source: savannahanne5190 / reddit

15. Haute cuisine

Sliced sausage with tomato sauce, yogurt sauce and onions

source: Theguy617 / reddit

16. A vegan pizza from the restaurant received after an hour's wait

The bill: $ 18!

source: skellious / reddit

17. Gluten-free and lactose-free muffins

Good for health ... we just don't eat it!

source: YoloSwag4Life69 / reddit

18. He ordered a veggie hot dog with olives

There are indeed olives ...

source: Dextrofunk / reddit

19. No, it's not soap!

It is an attempt at a runny omelet.

source: NiaC56 / reddit

20. He got mad at the pizza he was making

And threw it out the window ...

So, are you better or worst than these people? 

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: EleclCtriC / reddit

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