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These 20 women proudly unveiled their wedding dress price they got for a bargain!

These 20 women proudly unveiled their wedding dress price they got for a bargain!
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Most people think of weddings as being an expensive event. However, while some women dream about a fairytale, some have found their dream dress for a real bargain! 

Here are 20 women who shared their amazing finds online and we must be honest, they all looked absolutely beautiful on their special day!

1. $92

This bride found her dream wedding dress for less than $100 on Amazon! And she even made her bouquet herself! 

Wittyfem / Reddit

2. $170

This lovely bride had a small Airbnb wedding and wore this gorgeous dress. 

emmawentworth / Reddit

3. $30

The dress didn't even need any altercations! The length was perfect and either the previous bride was the same size or it was just meant to be!

posessedhouse / Reddit

4. $500

This bride found this dress on Poshmark which retails for over $3,000! 

ss-britannic / Reddit

5. $100

The veil was $10, earrings $2 and the flowers only $25! And she is absolutely beautiful!

thepantyprincessx / Reddit

6. $99

A beautiful non-traditional dress. 

custodescustodiet / Reddit

7. $94

Another Amazon deal! It is stunning. 

thrwwywd / Reddit

8. $9

The dress was originally $154, but it was on sale at $56. Then there was an extra 50% off sale items and the bride had $20 coupon! That is a real bargain. 

kkbaby93 / Reddit

9. $70 

From the thrift store but absolutely beautiful! 

_tigress_ / Reddit

10. 87% off

While this bride didn't reveal the final price, we are pretty sure it was a steal! 

itslozfromoz / Reddit

11. $750

The dress is worth over $1,600! 

cara_21 / Reddit

12. $65 

A beautiful find from the thrift store. 

HeavenlyLaBreeze / Reddit

13. $25

This beautiful dress was found at a discount store! 

marieses_pieces / Reddit

14. $200

This beautiful dress was just sitting in a bridal second-hand store! 

olivesntaaffe / Reddit

15. $170

A beautiful vintage dress! 

kellythebelly / Reddit

16. $150 

The bride said she found it at a "cheap bridal boutique" And that after her wedding:  "I will give it to the store for another woman to enjoy.”

nobodyTMFMS / Reddit

17. $250 

The veil was $40 and the bouquet only $10! 

mooseyyy / Reddit

18. $30

From a second-hand store! Who could imagine?

mikey1351 / Reddit

19. $250 

A gorgeous dress! 

VonCattington / Reddit

20. $70 

The bride found this beautiful dress on sale from ModCloth! 

mcblanch / Reddit

Which one is your favourite? How much did you spend on your wedding dress?

Source: Sympa Sympa · Photo Credit: Reddit

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