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These 32 retro trees really show how much style has changed over the years!

These 32 retro trees really show how much style has changed over the years!
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Christmas trees are the star symbol of Christmas for a long time. From natural green fir to artificial trees of all colors, the tradition has undergone many changes and we have been able to admire various styles in our house over time. 

Today, we're taking you on a little trip back in time. Perhaps you will remember the tree of your grandparents or your parents?

But whatever the style of the tree, the important thing is to have a merry Christmas with the people you love.

Here are 32 very particular trees found on Pinterest.

1. A natural tree that makes its owner very proud.

2. A white tree with an Adult Santa Claus and a baby Santa...

3. The era of metallic ice cubes.

4. The turquoise tree matched very well with her clothing.

5. A very odd Christmas tree. 

6. The tree that knows where to look ...

7. For all the people with OCD.

8. A snowy tree.

9. A shiny little tree.

10. A very artificial tree. 

11. The Christmas tree lady!

12. A pink palm tree for Christmas...

13. A silver Christmas tree and a very fake-tanned model! 

14. A modern tree with flowers?

15. Don't forget about your Christmas updo! 

16. A tree with horizontal branches.

17. A Christmas tree with a million ice cubes.

18. A well-decorated tree.

19. A very skinny tree. 

20. A very pale green fir.

21. A fabric Christmas tree!

22. Two Christmas trees ... and a "gift" dress!

23. A tree from another galaxy!

24. The obese Christmas tree.

25. A Christmas village with a small tree.

26. A "cotton candy" tree.

27. A tree of particular shape.

28. The ultra shiny Christmas tree.

29. A very weird tree!

30. A wrapped tree.

31. A tree as wide as it is long.

32. A pointed tree.

Do you remember having any of these trees growing up? 

Source: Pinterest · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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