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These 5 tips to keep flies out of your home are 100% natural and very effective.

These 5 tips to keep flies out of your home are 100% natural and very effective.
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Whether they're small, big, black, or deer flies, we do not want flies in our house or on our terrace when we eat, or when we go outside to enjoy the sun. It is therefore necessary to know some tips to keep these flies away from our home. And here we have a list of 5 natural tips to help you have a better summer! And do not forget to put your mosquito nets back when you clean your windows! They are indispensable in Quebec!

Here are 5 natural tips to keep flies out of your home:

1) The fragrant plants:

Basil, mint and lemon balm (cousin to mint) are all plants that you can grow in pots and keep near or on your dining table outside to keep flies away. They hate their smells. And you will always have fresh herbs !


2) A fan:

This tip may seem trivial, but when you sleep and a fly comes on your nose every 2 minutes, it's really annoying and it ruins a good night's sleep! A fan can solve the problem !


3) A bag of water with money:

One more tip to keep flies away from your home. Add some change into a bag of water and hang it so that the sun hits the bag of water. Flies have a sharp vision and are able to detect the movements of light. A bag filled with water will send reflections of water in all directions so that it will confuse them and they will not come near.

But be careful ! This tip will only work if you place the bag in a sunny place, so that the sun can reflect with water and money.


4) Lavender:

Hang bouquets of lavender everywhere in your house and under the porch of your terrace, flies and aphids will stay away from your house! Spray some fresh water over the dried lavender so that the lavender will smell again.

Source: Photo de Christopher Burns sur Unsplash

5) The onions:

If you live in a region, such as northern Quebec, where there are many black flies and deer flies, you will want to protect yourself. Because they sting or bite and can be a real problem. Prevent them from coming into your home by cutting onions in half and rub them around the windows and doors in your home. They do not like the smell and will stay away from your home.

Source: Photo of Burhan Rexhepi sur Unsplash

Use all the tips you can to repel flies. Avoid using toxic products.

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