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These 6 cooking tips will help you grill like a pro

These 6 cooking tips will help you grill like a pro
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Everyone loves burgers cooked on the BBQ, but unfortunately, not everyone does it well. Some make the Burgers too dry while others literally burn the breads and even some parts of the meat.

If you are one of those people and would like to improve your cooking techniques on the grill, you will be happy to hear that some great chefs have shared their best cooking secrets and we present them today.

You will only have to practice these unconventional tips this summer, to finally make the best Burgers and grills of the neighborhood!

Here are 6 unconventional cooking tips that will help you grill like a pro:

Before cooking the meat, start by heating the BBQ at maximum power and use either: a ball of aluminum foil or an onion cut in half to wash the grill of your BBQ. The acidity and moisture of the onion will remove all the dry food from the grill. Avoid using BBQ brushes.

Source: YouTube Howdini

1) The ice or butter tip:

This strange method works perfectly for cooking burger patty. Because the ice keeps the meat wet on the BBQ grill while the intense flames will cook the outside of the burger. Just place the ice cube in the middle of the burger until it's time to turn the meat over. You will get with the ice cube method, tender and juicy meats.

Source: YouTube Howdini

The butter method:

This less healthy version will provide exactly the same result. Tender and juicy meats. Rather than putting ice cubes in the middle of the burger, just add a little bit of butter.

Source: YouTube Howdini

2) The fish:

The fish can be very difficult to cook on the grill without aluminum foil because it sticks. So the beautiful fish is damaged most of the time when we try to return it with the spatula for BBQ. To avoid this, place a few slices of fresh lemons on the grill and cook the fish fillets directly on the lemon slices.

Cook the fish fillets on the lemon slices with the spices of your choice. They will also give a great taste to your fish. Then serve on the plates with some fresh parsley. Your guests will want to know your cooking tip!

Source: YouTube Howdini

3) Wooden skewers:

Wooden skewers are very useful for cooking shrimp or small foods on the BBQ.

To prevent the skewers from burning on the BBQ. Dip them 15 to 20 minutes in the water.

Source: YouTube Howdini

4) Use two skewers in each kebab rather than just one to prevent food from falling apart during cooking. Especially if they are small foods, like shrimp.

Source: YouTube Howdini

5) Apple juice:

In order to make meat softer and tastier, you can replace BBQ sauce with apple juice. Add apple juice into a spray bottle and spray your meat while it cooks. You will get a tender and delicious meat!

6) The temperature of your BBQ:

To avoid overcooking your meat, put coals on one side of your grill and heat the one side while keeping the other side cool. Placed your cooked pieces of meat on the cooler side when they are finished so that it stays warm, but doesn’t burn.

Check the propane level:

And finally, to check the level of propane if the gauge is defective and you want to make sure you will not run out of propane while cooking. Run hot water on the inclined canister. Put it back in place, then put your hand on the canister to find the "hot" and "cold" places. As propane is a cold gas, you will see a demarcation appear on the canister.

Source: YouTube Howdini

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