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These 9 activities will cost you $10 or less and will keep the kids amused for hours!

These 9 activities will cost you $10 or less and will keep the kids amused for hours!
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1. Car roadway for toys

All you need is some tape to create this fun game! The kids can use cars and trucks they already have at home. 

Play at Home Mom LLC

2. Driveway games

The nice weather is finally here so that means to let the kids play outside! Using chalk you can create fun games for them! For example, this throwing game using a wet sponge! Let the kids count the points if they are old enough. 

Mamas Like Me

3.  Bubble Wrap Painting

This looks so fun even for adults! Lay down a paper roll and let the kids paint with their feet!

Mess For Less

4. Throwing tarp

A fun game for the whole family! Create holes and secure them with tape and use a black marker to write the numbers.

Guru to the Outdoors

5. Indoor Camping

Cheaper and easier than real camping but still fun! 

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide

6. Balloon Ping-Pong

Paper plates, popsicle stick and a balloon is all you need for this fun game!

Keeping it Simple Crafts

7.Track Race with Marbles

Marbles and an old pool noodle - cheap and simple! 

My Homes Pun Threads

8.“Popcorn Olympics”

We should never play with food except when it comes to popcorn olympics! Make it a family game for hours of fun. 

One She Two She

9. Paper Towel Basketball

Use pom pomps and a paper towel roll holder to create this fun game for kids! 

Teaching Mama

There you go, the kids will be amused for at least a few hours! 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Mess for Less

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