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These are the best 19 ways to keep your clothes longer

These are the best 19 ways to keep your clothes longer
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What are the most common things that happen to your clothes?

-The stubborn stains.

-The holes in our favorite jeans because we really wearing them often ...

-And our shoes that we can't take off because they smell bad!

Would you like to find solutions to all these little problems?

It's your lucky day!

Because here are all the best tips for shoes and clothes!

Here are 19 simple and economical ways to save, OR take care of your shoes and clothes:

1) Keep your high boots like new, by cutting a pool noodle and placing it into your boots. This will prevent the leather from cracking or the fabrics from bending at the ankles.


2) The blue Dawn dish soap is magic to remove the worst stains! Including grease stains.

You will need:

- 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of Dawn dish soap

- 45 to 60 ml (3 to 4 tablespoons) of hydrogen peroxide

- A few tablespoons of baking soda

How to do:

1) Mix all these ingredients to make a nice dough

2) Apply onto the stain, let sit for 1 hour or overnight (the mixture will not damage the fabric)

3) Scrub with a brush

4) Then wash the garment normally in the washing machine


3) Do your pants have lint because of the washing machine? Use a razor to cut the lints and use a tape to remove them.


4) For an unexpected party, cross over the straps of an ordinary Top Tank and transform it into a sexy top!

Source: Twittter

5) Add black lace to a ripped jeans and you can wear your jeans for many years.


6) Use the children's pajamas that are too small to make the most beautiful patches on the jeans!


7) Be different! Be fashion!


8) Use a black permanent marker to hide bleach marks on dark clothing.

Source: Twitter

9) Do you sweat a lot under your arms and wet your shirts? Add panty liner inside, they they will soak up the sweat.


10) Add water in Ziploc bags and put them in your shoes that are too stiff or too small. The water will stretch your shoes.


11) You don't have time to wash and dry your favorite jeans before going out? Put them in the freezer to remove all the nasty smells.


12) Do your feet stink? Add tea bags in your shoes every night! They will absorb bad smells! This trick also works for sports bags.


13) A key ring will keep this zipper up.


14) Wear a tank top made between your shirt and sweater.


15) Hide the straps of your bra with a paperclip


16) Learn to turn any jeans or shorts into maternity clothes.

Watch the video:

Source: YouTube WhatsUpMoms

17) The micellar water perfectly cleans suede ! Try it on your favortie shoes! You will be amazed! It is very effective ! You can find micellar water with these brands: Garnier, Sephora and YesTo for less than $10 a bottle.

Source: Twitter

18) Add an elastic band to your bra to wear a party dress!


19) Add panty liner in shoes that you wear without a sock to avoid bad smells.

Source: Twitter

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