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These restaurant owners are requesting parents to leave their rude children at home!

These restaurant owners are requesting parents to leave their rude children at home!
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Enough is enough - that is what these restaurant owners from northern Italy said to themselves when they put up a sign on the front of their establishment which advise parents to leave their rude children at home.

The Huffington Post reports this news which is dividing public opinion since it poses a delicate question: do children have all the rights? Indeed, in the town of Villa di Tirano located in the north of Italy, restaurant owners were annoyed by the inappropriate attitude of the children of certain customers and decided to stick a sign on the front door of their establishment which tells parents to leave their rude children at home. A gesture that is creating  controversy across the country.

A year after the opening of their pizzeria, Gabriele Berbenni and his partner Sabrina are on edge, says the Huffington Post. The reason? They had to bow the wishes of completely unpleasant children for too long in front of the parents who were doing nothing. Faced with their passivity, they decided to go ahead by asking these parents to come to their pizzeria without their children. They even went further by telling them to educate them better or even to go to a different pizzeria!

This story, which was revealed to the general public by the daily "Corriere Della Sera", divides the Italians into two very distinct sides. Those who agree with these restaurateurs and those who find this sign completely inappropriate. We can clearly say that this is a subject that unleashes passions. One thing is certain, these owners do not want to backtrack, they much rather prefer to lose customers than to live another year at the mercy of rude children.

The Huffington Post indicates that they want their other customers to be able to enjoy their meal in peace and that is why they did not hesitate to clearly display their opinion. If this gesture divides, this controversy may still advertise this restaurant in northern Italy.

What is your stand on this topic? 

Source: huffpost · Photo Credit: huffpost

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