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Think twice before throwing eggshells! Here are 8 great ways to use them in your garden!

Think twice before throwing eggshells! Here are 8 great ways to use them in your garden!
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In most homes, eggshells end up in the trash or in the compost bin.

You will realize how the eggshells are a real little treasure for gardeners!

Here are 8 great reasons to keep eggshells for the garden.

1. Keep slugs away

In wet weather there are a lot of slugs in gardens. To prevent finding in the leaves of plants and find your flowers, fruits and vegetables all eaten away, simply crush egg shells into small pieces and sprinkle them on the ground. Coarsely ground shells will irritate the bottom walls of sweet-bellied critters such as slugs and snails. Sprinkle the shells around your plants. The little animals will then nibble on the plants located a little further from your garden.


2) Keep deers away:

Deer do not particularly like the smell of eggs. The Balcony Garden Web suggests spreading crushed eggshells around the garden to keep deer at bay.

3) Grow healthy tomatoes:

An imbalance of calcium can lead to a tomato rotting before it is fully ripe, this is common in tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. And since eggshells contain a lot of calcium, they are an excellent natural fertilizer for these plants, which risk rotting before they are ripe. Martha Stewart suggests crushing 4 dried egg shells and adding them to the soil around the plant when you plant them. As the eggshells decompose, the plants will absorb the calcium.

4) For the compost:

It's well known, eggshells are a great addition to compost. It is important to clean them, to dry them and then grind them first so that they decompose quickly. You can also grind them with an electric mixer.


5) Start the seeds:

By cracking only the top of the shells and keeping only the bottom part you can make small "containers" and then put them back in the egg cartons. Add some soil to the eggshells and plant the seeds of your choice. Keep the soil moist. Once the seedlings are large enough, you can crush the shells and put them in the compost and plant the seedlings in your garden. Or, simply add the crushed shells around the plants.


6) Lower the pH of the soil:

If your soil is too acidic, eggshells can help. Although it is not as fast and effective as lime! 


7) Keep cats away from the garden:

Cats think of your garden as their litter? One Good Thing recommends eggshells to eliminate the problem. Roughly break them, so they no longer venture into your garden!

8) Feed the birds:

Birds help control pests in your garden, so it's a great idea to invite them to fly over your garden. Bird Watcher's Digest suggests spreading pieces of washed and dried eggshells in the yard. You could even mix it with bird seeds. Birds, especially females, are attracted to the intake of calcium.

Are you going to keep your eggshells now? Share these tips with friends and family!

Source: Gardening Tips · Photo Credit: Gardening Tips

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