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This $ 1.7 million motorhome with integrated garage looks like any other until you see the inside!

This $ 1.7 million motorhome with integrated garage looks like any other until you see the inside!
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For the most people, going camping has nothing luxurious. But more and more people want, dream and allow themselves to travel in the greatest comfort. For these people, the idea of traveling in luxury motorhomes rather than spending large sums of money in luxurious and impersonal hotels is way more appealing. 

A German company Volkner Mobil has grasped this new trend well and has decided to optimize its new model of motorhome.

The Performance S is the latest model in the Volkner Mobil Motorhome Performance series and like the previous models, it is as well equipped as a 5-star hotel. The difference is that you can park it wherever you want.

The 12.19-meter (40 ') motorhome includes a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room and a heated bathroom. But as if that were not enough, it also includes an integrated garage which can accommodate as much as a Ferrari or a Mercedes and it is equipped with a hydraulic lift.

So if you are ready to leave your Penthouse and are tired of hotels to travel, here is a solution for you! Haha! :-)

In this 1.7 million dollar motorhome, you will live like in 5-star hotels, but you will be at home!

There is no lack of space inside this motorhome!

Everything is well thought of and the vehicle is fully equipped!

No need to go out to eat at the restaurant! The kitchen is fully equipped!

You can move around safely, everything has been thought of to ensure passenger safety

The lighting is so impressive! But does that surprise you?

You will feel so spoiled in your heated bathroom!

Your BMW easily enters the integrated garage. ;-)

Watch the video to see all the details of this motorhome!

In the comment section, let us know what you think of this motorhome? If you could afford it, would you buy a similar vehicle?

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