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This 73-year-old woman lost 60 pounds and became a fitness influencer!

This 73-year-old woman lost 60 pounds and became a fitness influencer!
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Joan MacDonald is a very special fitness influencer from Ontario, Canada - why? She is 73-year-old and absolutely stunning! 

When she turned 70 years old, she wasn't happy with her life. She was overweight and was starting to have health problems. But luckily for her, Michelle her daughter is a transformation coach who finally convince her mother to make a change! She went for two-weeks to Mexico, not for vacations, but to be with her daughter and start her transformation.

"I knew Michelle cared about me and loved me prior to all of this but through this experience I have seen new sides of Michelle's love," MacDonald said.

When she returned home in Canada, she kept with the routine and lost 45 pounds in only six months! To this day, she lost about 60 pounds. She still goes to the gym five days a week to lift weights and do cardio. 

You can even try some of her workouts, since she post most of them on her Instagram page Train with Joan!

One of the effect of her new lifestyle is a drastic change of her health. She told Insider : "I have gotten off my medications, my arthritis does not bother me as much, my kidney disease is not getting worse, and I have more energy and endurance than I used to. Emotionally I am more confident and am starting to embrace who I am more."

Joan tell other women who also want to make a change  is "to believe that it is possible!"

"If I can do it, they can do it," she said.

Doesn't she look absolutely stunning? 

How are you taking of your health? 

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: Instagram - Joan McDonald

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