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This beautiful Maine house is literally floating!

This beautiful Maine house is literally floating!
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Do you like water to the point of actually living in a floating house? If the answer is yes, take a look at this Maine house! 

Foy and Louisa Brown built this little house on their own, working hard on weekends and evenings. They now spend their summers there, without phones, internet or television - in peace! 

Their floating house is not for sale or rent, but Foy and Louisa invite you to take a little tour, enough to make you jealous! Despite its small dimensions, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the interior, the decoration and the layout of the rooms.

You should know that there is no electricity, but the couple still manage to spend their holidays there and enjoy their time! Would you be able to spend your summer vacations in this small floating house?

1. Although its small size, this cabin has a lot of charm. Look at the small terrace decorated with flower pots - how lovely!

2. Here's a little sneak peak of the house form the entrance. Beautiful white door!

3. Here's an overview of the fully functional kitchen. Very summery! 

4. The dining room can sit 4 people. The space is beautifully decorated in shades of blue!

5. The real feature of this house is the view! On the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view. In the evening, lighting is provided by candles and sunlamps, so romantic. 

6. The bedroom is located "upstairs" in the mezzanine and is surrounded by a banister made of wooden branches. The room is large enough for a double bed.

7. The house from the exterior, what do you think?

Would you like to spend your summer vacations in a home like this? How many days can you be without electricity and Wi-Fi? 

Source: Maison-Jardin-Astuce · Photo Credit: Maine Home

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