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This couple managed to retire at only 38 and 41 years old ... here's how they did it

This couple managed to retire at only 38 and 41 years old ... here's how they did it
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Who doesn't dream of retiring as soon as possible? Some wait until 65, while others do so in their early fifties.

The Real Simple website tells the story of a couple who managed to leave the job market even before the start of their forties!

Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge are preparing to retire, to take a trip around the world. However, they are only 38 and 41 years old respectively.

The couple from California revealed their secret, so they could leave the job market so early.

“For us, most of the success has been automating everything and hiding money from ourselves,” Hester says. “If you think about the money too much, you’re liable to do something dumb.”

Thus, savings automatically deducted from their salary have been added in an account. The couple didn't pay too much attention to it. They adjusted their lifestyle according to the money they had left.

It's been almost six years since the couple started investing.

In order to help them save money, they have set the temperature of their apartment at 12 degrees in winter. The fact that they don't have children has also helped them to spend less.

The couple refused to reveal the total amount of their savings, but the two associates invested in stock market products.

So, would you dare to do the same?

Source: Real Simple · Photo Credit: Instagram

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