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This is the best way to remove cigarette smell from your clothes without even washing them

This is the best way to remove cigarette smell from your clothes without even washing them
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There is nothing more embarrassing than smelling the cigarette, especially if you do not smoke!

But this is not the problem today ! Whether you're a smoker or not, the idea here is to remove the cigarette smell from clothes without washing them.

Some of your clothes are more delicate ? You have to send them to the dry-cleaner's.

So it's dfficult at this moment to wash them to get rid of this nasty smell.

So, what can you do ? A very simple solution ! Water + vinegar + microwave oven ! Strange isn't it ? Yet it is very effective !

Follow the directions below and you will be able to remove the cigarette smell from all the clothes you want, without even putting them into the washing machine !

You will need :

- A salad bowl

- Boiling water

- White vinegar

- A microwave oven

How to do :

1) Hang the garment over a bowl

2) Fill half of the bowl with white vinegar

3) Fill the rest with boiling water

4) Boil in the microwave

5) Let the steam of this mixture rise on the garment to remove the nasty smell of cigarette, without washing the garment

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Why does it work ?

Because white vinegar naturally remove several strong odors, without any effort. Boiling water is only there to make the steam, so the white vinegar can 'go' on the garment. Which saves you from having to wash the garment in the machine.

Also: To deodorize several clothes at a time.

1) Add a lot of white vinegar into the tub

2) Fill the tub with boiling water

3) Hang the clothes on the shower curtain rod and let the steam act.

To remove the smell of cigarettes from fabric furniture:

This trick is also good to get rid of nasty smell from fabric loveseats for example.

1) Place the bowl on the floor, near a fabric loveseat and let the steam act to eliminate the nasty smell of cigarette.

So the secret : Water + white vinegar + microwave

Do you know other tricks of this kind to get rid of cigarette smell or other bad smells ?

Share them with us in the comments of this publication! We will be happy to share them with all fans of the page.

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