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This is why you shouldn't be using makeup wipes.

This is why you shouldn't be using makeup wipes.
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If you wear makeup regularly or even once in while, you probably get lazy at night when it is time to remove everything! That is why using a few makeup wipes comes in handy. It's fast and easy! And you might think that all the products that you applied earlier are gone. 

However, it is almost certain that there is residue left on the surface, which isn’t good for the skin and specifically the pores. Dr Tijion Esho is a cosmetic doctor who was been warning against these wipes for a while know. Dr Tijion Esho, has two clinics in the UK and one in Dubai, and recently demonstrated how ineffective wipes can be in a viral video. Watch it below!

First, he applied foundation on a tangerine before wiping it off with a regular makeup wipe. As you can see, there was residue left of the foundation, etched onto the pores of the peel. Dr Esho wrote: ‘Why I keep preaching to you all about makeup wipes.  

Now, you might think that your face and a tangerine are not quite the same thing. 

Dr. Esho replied: "A minority were confused, saying 'but my face isn't a tangerine.' Of course it isn't. But microscopically your skin is quite similar. We don't realize that the surface of the skin actually has several grooves and bits that we can't see with the naked eye — it also has many oils and lipids that can act like the waxy surface of the orange — the video represents what can happen at a microscopic level and should be food for thought."

There are also other reasons why you should not be using makeup wipes. ‘Firstly from a sustainability standpoint, the fibres aren’t unable to naturally biodegrade so contaminate the oceans and water sources,’ said Dr Esho to ‘Secondly, makeup wipes are not formulated to actually clean your skin. They are formulated to break down make-up.  ‘The chemicals in some cases can be harsh to your skin causing micro-tears, or push make-up and debris deeper into your pores leading to further problems.’

Instead, he recommends : “alternatively double cleanse using a cleanser or micellar water…for 60 seconds and try follow up makeup removal with moisture.” We all have 60 seconds to remove our makeup, right?

Do you wear makeup every day? How do you usually remove it? 

Source: 12Tomatoes · Photo Credit: Instagram @drtijionesho

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