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This man replaced his kitchen countertop for less than $100 !

This man replaced his kitchen countertop for less than $100 !
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Renovating a kitchen can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are cheaper solutions on the internet.

To renovate a countertop, here is a very economical solution.

For this you will need several elements : A bucket for mixing, trowels, orbital sanders and sandpaper, a sponge, concrete, big painter's tape, vinyl gloves, safety glasses and a mask.

The first step, you just need to clean the work area. Clean everything off the counters and the walls and floor around them. Do not hesitate to use a cleaning product to clean the surface thoroughly, this cleaning step is really recommended.

For the second step, sand the counters. The surface must be sanded thoroughly to make the concrete stick to it better and to have an even area to work on. You should also remove any pieces of laminate that are damaged.

For the third step, apply painter's tape around the countertops. You don’t want to get the concrete on your counters or walls. You can put down cloths or plastic.

Then read the directions and mix up the concrete. Apply it on countertops evenly with the trowel.

Let it dry and apply another coat. You can sand the counters in between coats.

The fifth step is to clean everything once the last coast has dried. Remove the drips if there are any and make sure the counters are level and evenly coated.

Apply the sealer to protect the concrete. This will lock in the concrete and protect it from stained and damage. Apply it evenly with a brush and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once it has dried completely, remove the tape, and arrange your counters as usual. You can use them just like you would any other type of counter.

When everything is dry, remove the tape and put things on your countertop. It's ready to be used again !

Concrete countertop can last for years and is easier to clean. You can also use a special paint to change the color of the countertop.

This method can take several days but it is inexpensive and will guarantee you an exceptional result !

It's up to you now ! You can make a beautiful countertop!

Source: HomeHacks · Photo Credit: Shareably

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