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This mom always takes a shower curtain to the beach and you'll want to do the same.

This mom always takes a shower curtain to the beach and you'll want to do the same.
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Tips for parents of young children

Every year our children are overjoyed as soon as the heat arrives! They are very happy to go swimming and play with the sand of the beach, because we are used to go there every weekend.

The older ones can already swim, but the baby has not started swimming lessons yet. Anyway, even with swimming lessons, it is out of the question to leave a baby alone in the water of the lake, even with a life vest!

So, Dad and I take turns to go in the water, because unlike us, baby, would spend all day!

But after 2 hours. PHEW! We are a bit tired. It's because baby has grown. And he is heavy.

Daddy and I are pretty fed up with keeping baby in our arms, putting him in the water to the thighs, because lower down, Hiiiii! It's cold! BUT BABY-WANTS-GO-IN-WATER!

And each time we wonder: but why do we do that? It's exhausting the beach with a baby! Well simply because the older ones love the beach. But each time we are so exhausted ...!

And then, the miracle:

Until the day I saw this mom take a miracle out of her beach bag!

She takes a $ 1 shower curtain (from the Dollar store) out of her bag, while Dad digs a huge hole in the sand right in front of their beach chairs!

The super mom unfolds the shower curtain and places it over the gigantic hole. And I see the whole scene in slow motion, like in a movie because I realize what is happening and I think that I'm dreaming because I find the idea AMAZING!!

Can we finally enjoy a relaxing afternnon at the beach, my lover and me? To watch the baby in front of us and our oldest kids in the lake, sitting on our new beach chairs at $ 29.99 on sale, but we've never tried them, because it's crazy to come to the beach with children!?

While I'm trying to realize what's happening, this genius Mom places the shower curtain over the hole, and holds it in place with wet sand all the way around the hole, while dad runs back and forth to fill the hole with small buckets filled with water from the lake.

The scene is so ridiculous that I am laughing. But HO! I'm hiding! I can't make fun pf my saviors ?!

After a few moments, the pool is ready and mom takes her beautiful baby and sit him/her in the water!

It's too much!

I ask the mother: -Hello (the dark circles under the eyes, messy hair and my bikini is too large. I am far from being sexy!) Can my baby play with yours? Please, I beg you !!

She smiled at me and said, "Of course," she said to me!

The 2 babies played all the afternoon!



The most beautiful in all this? You can install a parasol near the children to protect them from the sun!

You can't do that in the water!


Once the beach day is over, we shake the shower curtain and use it as a tablecloth on the picnic table to eat dad's sandwiches!

But oh! Wait! You probably think that this trick would work well with a plastic tablecloth? Well the answer is yes, but the shower curtain is more resistant! Then you can use it more than once!

Now, I always take a shower curtain in my beach bag!

You want another good tip like this?

Take an old fitted sheet to the beach too! It will be perfect so that baby can play without sand covering his playing area!


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