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This mom takes 2 shower curtains and 1 hoop to create a beautiful play canopy for her kids

This mom takes 2 shower curtains and 1 hoop to create a beautiful play canopy for her kids
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Carrie is a super creative mom ! And she presented on her blog a great project she made in her son's bedroom !

She presents her project as : no-sew kid's play canopy tent ! ! AMAZING ! ! Who could have thought of taking shower curtains to make this project ! This idea is AWESOME ! No need to sew ! !


  • 2 shower curtains
  • A large binder ring
  • A big hula hoop for children
  • Nylon rope
  • Yellow felt
  • Velcro
  • (Optional) Fairy Lights
  • A heavy duty hooks with anchors for the ceiling
  • A drill
  • Scissors


1) Drill 4 holes in the hoops : North, South, East, West.

2) Add the 2 shower curtains into the large binder ring, one at a time.

You should have this !

3) Then cut 4 pieces of rope. The length should be enough to loop through the holes in the hula hoop. Remember that the curtains should touch the floor.

Gather all 8 ends of the rope

Here is what you shoud have !

4) Gather the ends of the rope and pull through the top ring in the center of the gathered shower curtains. Tie off to create the tent part of the canopy.

5) Install the ceiling hook

6) I do not have photos of this step, so use your intuition, tie a knot at the top of the ropes, you will even be able to use a shower curtain ring to hang the ropes on the hook. Then hang the tent so that the shower curtains touch the floor.

7) Use velcro to secure the shower curtains together at the top of the tent.

(OPTIONAL) If you do not make a banner, you don't need to sew !

8) You can make the yellow triangles with felt, and sew them with a sewing machine. It's really easy to do !

9) And fix the banner with velcro

Start by sticking the triangles in front of the 'door'

And here is the final result! Isn't it a wonderful idea to use shower curtains ! ? !

Your child will love it !

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