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This old US penny could worth 1.7 million US dollars, check your piggy banks!

This old US penny could worth 1.7 million US dollars, check your piggy banks!
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What if you were a millionaire without even knowing it?

The question may seem rather absurd, but it could be the case.

Indeed, if you are one of those who never pay attention to the money you got in your pockets, it is not impossible that a big surprise awaits you.

As you will see in the next few minutes, there are some coins from the United States that are worth a real fortune.

For example, if you have this coin, it could allow you to collect up to US $ 1.7 million. However, we do not want to ruin your hopes, but it is now an extremely rare coin, that's why it is so expensive.

We are now going to present you, four of these coins and maybe you got one of these at home!

1. Lincoln's Copper Head (1943)

In 1943, when the United States was at the heart of the Second World War, copper was needed for the war effort, and that year it was decided to make pennies out of steel, then coated them in zinc for extra shine. However, a series of copper pennies have been produced and these very rare coins can now be worth more than $ 10,000. However, caution is required, because according to experts, these coins are often counterfeit and so, it is always better to double check the authenticity of these pennies.

2. Doubled die penny (1955)

In 1955, 20,000 to 24,000 coins have been incorrectly manufactured. Indeed, when we look carefully at these pennies, we can notice that they have a misalignment. Obviously, this is only a small detail, but for coin collectors, these coins could be worth about US $1800 !

3. Marked with an extra leaf (2004)

We often think that only old coins can be worth a fortune, but we're wrong. However, coins produced in 2004 proves the opposite. Of the 453 million pennies that were produced that year, a few hundred of coins have been incorrectly manufactured. Coins were marked with an extra leaf. So far, 5000 of these coins have been spotted by collectors and if you have one, you should know that it can be worth up to US $ 1500 !

4. A coin without location (1982)

Each coin that is produced has a letter that indicates where it was made. For example, an "S" means that it was produced in San Francisco, a "P" means Philadelphia while a "D" means Denver. A coin dating from 1982 with Roosevelt, had a particular error: it has no localization. A few hundred of these coins are still on the market and they are worth $ 300.

Source: Do You Remember · Photo Credit: Courtoisie

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