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This teacher knitted 23 dolls; one for each of her students from whom she is separated because of COVID-19.

This teacher knitted 23 dolls; one for each of her students from whom she is separated because of COVID-19.
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While the school is closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, some teachers are truly missing their students. But students also miss their teachers! This is the case of Miss Ingeborg, who is a professor at the Bavinck school in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Like many schools around the world, Miss Ingeborg's school had to close.

“Everything was operational and the school closed. It all hit me like that. The children were no longer in school. And I miss them so much, ”she wrote on social media.

While she missed her students deeply, the devoted teacher saw a knitted doll on the website Pinterest. It inspired her - and without any knitting lessons - she decided that she was going to knit a doll representing each of her students! Wow! What a challenge! 

Each doll took around 3-4 hours to make and is designed to look like the child it represents. If a girl often wore cardigans at school, her doll would have one. If the child has glasses, so will their doll.

The teacher even thought of freckles! That is called attention to detail! 

When her project was finished, Miss Ingeborg showed a photo of her dolls to her students and their parents. Even if no first name was given, the student could easily recognize his own doll!

Miss Ingeborg and her students loved the dolls so much that she will continue to make them every year for her students. Other teachers at her school wanted her to make their class dolls, but she doesn't have time for everyone! At least COVID-19 will have inspired a great project, which will last over time.

Bored Panda

Soon, Miss Ingeborg will be able to see her students again, as they can pick up their stuff from school and she will give them their lovingly knitted little dolls. The students are really excited to see the dolls in person. 

But where's the "Miss Ingeborg" doll in all of this? She also spent a few hours creating a small replica of herself.

Bored Panda

What do you think of such great attention from the teacher?

Source: NH Nieuws · Photo Credit: Facebook

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