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This test was designed to reveal what kind of “Mind Power” you have.

This test was designed to reveal what kind of “Mind Power” you have.
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Neuropsychologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry came to the conclusion that the two hemispheres of the brain (left and right) function differently. It appears that the way we think is highly dependable on the dominant hemisphere of our brain. It is for this reason that many tests are based on a picture to reveal your personality; they actually find which hemisphere you use the most.

Here is one of those fun tests! It is very simply, look at the picture below and answer a simple question. Which animal do you see first?

Sympa Sympa

Now scroll down for the results! No cheating! 

1. The head of a tiger

Bright Side

If you've seen the tiger first, the left hemisphere of your brain is the most active one! It means that you have an analytical personality, which is very goal-oriented and you are a very organized individual. 

When you encounter a problem, you tend to use logic, calculation, and objectivity. However, there may be times when you overthink the decisions you need to make, checking that they are correct, which tends to make you adamant. 

Personality traits:

• Organized

• Precise

• Lucid

• Logic

• Realistic

2. A hanging monkey

Bright Side

If this is the monkey you spotted, the right hemisphere of your brain is very active! It makes you a creative person that has lots of innovative ideas in mind. When faced with a difficult situation, you tend to trust your intuition and you are almost always right! 

However, your dreamy personality can get you lost in your own little world. It is necessary to keep your feet on Earth and have a reality-check from time to time. 

Personality traits:

• Impulsive

• Sensitive

• Creative and artistic

• Intuitive

• Dreamer

However, you should know that the two hemisphere are complementary and work together. It is possible to have characteristics from both hemispheres! 

What did you see first? Do your personality traits coincide with the descriptions given?

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: Leonid Khan

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