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Top 15 of the most adorable names for Grandparents.

Top 15 of the most adorable names for Grandparents.
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The love grandparents have for their grandchildren is beyond words. And that is why they deserve to have special nicknames! While grandparents job is mainly to spoil the kids, how should they be called?

If you are soon to be promoted from parent to grandparent, here are a few ideas of cute nicknames! It doesn't have to be "grandma" or "grandpa"! 

1. Nana and Papa

Here are two common names that are easy for small kids to pronounce! 

2. Grannie and Granddad

Another traditional idea that everyone should understand. A little less boring than "grandma" and "grandpa"! 

3. Mémé & Pépé

These are two nicknames are very common for French grandparents. If you love the French language, these could be a great option! 

4. Mawmaw and Pawpaw

Very Southern names and still very sweet. Could be used in any part of the country! 

5. Gramms and Gramps

These two nicknames are easy for toddlers to pronounce and sound very cool! 

6. Grandmother [first name] and Grandfather [first name]

A more formal idea, but will help kids differentiate all four grandparents! 

7. Mimi and PopPop

Here's a cute idea only for fun grandparents! It will make the kids laugh and they will love it! 

8. Gigi and Poppy

These are probably the two easiest nicknames! But beware, it is only reserved for fun grandparents! 

9. Glamma and Chief

For all the grandmothers who refused to be called grandma! 

10. Mammy and Gampy

A very cute idea that is easy for small children to remember and pronounce.

11. Nonna and Nonno

A traditional Italian way to call grandparents! It is very cute too. 

12. Grand  & Pa 

Short nicknames are sometimes the best! 

13. Nan and Pop

     The perfect names for grandparents that are or still feel young! Age is only a number!

14. G-Ma and G-Pa

     These two names are perfect for modern grandparents!

15. Gramma and Grampa

     Another classic! Easy for the kids!

Do you have grandchildren? How do they call you?

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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