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Trivia : How many triangles do you see?

Trivia : How many triangles do you see?
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Maths was probably the least liked subject in school for many people. Do you remember anything from your trigonometry days? If you don't, it's no big deal some people are simply better at it!

If you want to test yourself and see if you remember anything from school, here's a fun puzzle! Journalist Jitesh Pillai posted the picture below on Twitter. 

It quickly went viral with people commenting different answers! Before you see them, try to solve the problem by yourself, just like in the good old days.

The most popular answer was 24 with the explanation below.

While other people think there are only 4 has triangles have only 3 corners!

But the correct answer is...18!

What was your answer? Were you right? 

If you want to test yourself even further, here's a puzzle from the CIA! 

Do you enjoy puzzles? 

Source: VT · Photo Credit: Twitter @jiteshpillaai

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