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Two teachers in Florida found a really creative way to ensure social distancing in their classroom!

Two teachers in Florida found a really creative way to ensure social distancing in their classroom!
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Patricia Dovi and Kim Martin are first-grade teacher at St. Barnabas Episcopal School located in DeLand, Florida. The two women had an amazing idea to make the start of school a little easier for the kids. As we all know, COVID-19 will make the start of the school year really different this year, and the two teachers wanted to make their first-grader feel a little better about it.

"Anything that we can do to add some silliness and some creativity to get them excited is going to be really important in the longevity of this school year," Dovi said to Insider. They found a way to make the dividers that help ensure social distancing a little more fun for the kids! They transformed the desks into adorable mini Jeeps!

The desks are equipped with a three-sided shield made out of plastic and a fun colourful Jeep design. Dovi saw the idea first from another elementary teacher in Texas and since she is also a Jeep-lover she knew she had to recreate the idea!

The school provided only the plexiglass shield for the desks, while Dovi and Martin paid and made the decorations themselves. It took them around a week to complete all the desks. That is really dedication!

"It's colorful and it just shows the age of innocence," Martin said to Insider. "If we can get them to buy into the idea that sitting in a vehicle is really exciting, maybe it won't be so hard to keep them at their desks." 

Patricia Dovi

"We were just trying our best to make the room look more kid-appropriate and not so scary," said Dovi. 

 Dovi will have 13 students attending in-person and 4 online. Martin will be teaching 18 in-person students and one online. Are you sending your kids in-person or will you opt for online teaching? One thing is sure, it will be a really weird back-to-school this year.

Kim Martin

"I do feel a little better having those shields there, but it also makes me worried for little people to come in and see those there, you know, it's hard," Dovi said to Insider. 

Patricia Dovi

We hope all the first-grader in the country have a safe and smooth start of the school year! While it might be scary for most of them, we have to do our best to make them feel secure. 

What grade will your kids be starting this year?

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: Kim Martin - St. Barnabas Episcopal School

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