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Unsuspected use of things you use every day but didn't know about.

Unsuspected use of things you use every day but didn't know about.
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Some objects of our daily life are so much a part of our lives that we sometimes forget some of their utilities.

See here unsuspected use of everyday items.

The drawer under the oven

You probably store extra pans at the bottom of this drawer.

It is however intended to warm dishes, especially cooked dishes that you must keep warm while cooking the rest of your meal.


Disks in plastic caps

These disks help to make the bottle tight and keep the bubbles of your soft drink intact.

Without this disc, bubbles would evaporate quickly.

Roman UrsuHack

The lines under some keys on your keyboard

The lines under the letters F and J on your keyboard help you locate your fingers when writing while looking at the screen.


The wings on the Apple jacks

These items are used to keep your thread well wrapped when you put it in a bag.


The can opener

They serve not only to open your drinks, but also to insert a straw and it stays in place.


The holes in the padlocks

This hole is meant to let the water out if you use the padlock to lock an object submerged in a liquid.


Chinese food cartons

You may not know it, but the boxes are meant to be completely unfolded to become plates.

Huffington Post

Spaghetti spoons

The hole in the middle serves to measure the perfect portion of pasta.

Wikimedia Common

Hair clips

The fluted side of the hair clips is meant to hold the clip in place so that you do not have messy hair.


Holes in the pen caps ...

They are there to allow us to breathe.

If someone accidentally swallows a pen cap, this hole allows air to cross the trachea until someone intervenes.

Business Insider

The holes on the sides of your running shoes

They are used to breathe your shoes to prevent bad smells

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