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Walmart, Costco, Target will stop selling 'nonessential' items such as clothing and electronics in some U.S. States!

Walmart, Costco, Target will stop selling 'nonessential' items such as clothing and electronics in some U.S. States!
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The U.S. is in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak and local government now have to take more severe measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Some states will soon be barred from selling nonessential items - and yes that includes clothing and electronics!

Stores like Walmart, Target and Costco have been allowed to stay open during lockdowns as they sell groceries and offer pharmacy services. However, they are now required to remove nonessential items or to close these areas of the store so customers won't be able to access these items.

Lindsay Kurrle, secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development said : 

"Large 'big box' retailers generate significant shopping traffic by virtue of their size and the variety of goods offered in a single location" 

She also added: "This volume of shopping traffic significantly increases the risk of further spread of this dangerous virus to Vermonters and the viability of Vermont's health care system. We are directing these stores to put public health first and help us reduce the number of shoppers."

"Customers can shop for these nonessential items using online delivery services or curbside pickup", said Kurrle.

She also mentioned that the board was receiving many complaints from other business who were forced to close, because they are mostly selling nonessential items, while Bix bog store were selling these same products but were still open. 

We also have to think about the retail workers. Many complained that customers were not respecting social distancing in stores and were browsing nonessential goods because they were "bored at home," and had nothing else to do. However, filling up the aisles for no valid reason is putting workers at greater risk!

What do you think of these new measures?

Source: Business Insider · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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