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What are the red spots sometimes present in chicken eggs?

What are the red spots sometimes present in chicken eggs?
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What is the little red spot that we sometimes find in the yolk of the egg? Bad news: it's blood but the good news is that it's still safe to eat. It simply due to the rupture of a blood vessel at the level of the yolk during the formation of the egg.

In fact, blood spots form naturally during the egg-laying cycle and contrary to popular belief, it does not indicate that the egg has been fertilized. This fact is completely untrue. They are the result of the rupturing of tiny blood vessels in the hen’s ovaries. 

It is not that common to find blood spot in an egg, you have about 1% of chance to find them in eggs laid in commercial factories. However, if you buy brown eggs the chances go up to 18%. It is because blood spots are harder to detect in brown eggs because of the process used to find them, called candling. The shell is darker making it harder to detect. 

If you buy farm-fresh eggs, you have an even higher chance to find blood spots as they don't go through that candling process. 

However, you should know that these eggs are still perfectly fine to eat. According to USDA and the Egg Safety Board, you simply have to make sure they properly cooked. Whether they have blood spots or not, you should never consume raw or undercooked eggs as they are a risk of salmonellosis. The Salmonella bacteria might lead to unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. 

You can simply mix the egg with the red spot as you usually would and cook it properly. If you find the look unpleasant you can use a spoon to remove it from the egg white. You do not have to waste the whole egg. 

Do you consume a lot of eggs? Where do you usually buy them?

Source: Health Line · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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