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What part of your body do you wash first in the shower? It could say a lot about your personality!

What part of your body do you wash first in the shower? It could say a lot about your personality!
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The part with which you start showering is an unconscious decision of your brain, which says a lot about our personality! Here are 7 body parts and their meaning explained. 

And you? Do you start with your hair or your feet? Take a look at what your unconsciousness is trying to tell you! 

1. Face 

If you start your personal hygiene by washing your face, you are primarily concerned with your five senses: smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing. Which means you care a lot about how people see you. So you take care of what others see first: the face.

You care about what other people think of you. It frustrates and stresses you at times, to the point where you may feel ashamed. You find it hard to be criticized.

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2. Arms or legs 

If you pay attention to your feet first, you are thought to be a humble person that has their feet on the ground. Some also believe that the arms or legs are symbols of strength and self-control. Washing them first would indicate that you are not afraid to express your choices and preferences. In short, you either love it or you hate; there is no middle!

And if you tend to wash your armpits first, you are probably very popular in your social circle and seen as an honest and trustworthy person. Plus, you don't mind hard work.

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3. Private parts

People who wash their private parts first are said to be very shy. They are introverted personalities who have low self-esteem. They are not given much attention in social groups, but those who know them well will say that this type of person is the most genuine on Earth. If you wash your private parts first, you have a hard time taking a stand and you often tend to give up, but you know how to make people around you feel comfortable around you.

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4. Torso

Washing your chest first when you get in the shower means you feel safe and happy in your current situation. If this is your case, you are pragmatic, very straightforward and fairly determined. You like to be independent, and people admire you for it.

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5. Hair

People who wash their head or hair first like discipline and order. The upper body is usually synonymous with strength and starting the cleanse here shows that you have a strong opinion on everything and that you are pragmatic. The person who starts by washing their hair/head manages their time very well and is punctual. If you wash your head first, you prioritize intelligence over wealth when choosing your friends.

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6. Shoulders and neck

Washing your neck means that you are working hard. This area represents the load you are carrying and washing it means you want to get rid of that weight, in order to achieve perfection. You are a positive, ambitious person who expects the same from others. You are competitive and you want to be one step ahead of everyone else.

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7. Back

The back reflects consciousness. It is directly linked to the spine and the nervous system, which have an important role in the functioning of the brain. If you wash this area first, you are by nature reserved. You are always very cautious and you don't trust others easily.

You tend to do in-depth research and make thoughtful decisions. You love solitude, which allows you to enjoy the moment.

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What about you? Do you recognize yourself in any of these description? 

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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