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With 4 rhubarb leaves, he makes something very useful for the birds

With 4 rhubarb leaves, he makes something very useful for the birds
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Would you like to have more birds in your garden ?

Perhaps you have already made a bird house and a bird feeder that you have hung in your garden ?

All you need now is a bird bath !

But how to make a bird bath ?

It is so simple to do !

With giant rhubarb leaves, or another kind of leaf as long as they are very large, soil and cement !

In this article, we will explain in detail how to make this bird bath, and you will find a video to fully understand how to do this project !


  • 2 sacks of soil
  • Rhubarb leaves or another kind of leaf, as long as it is giant
  • One bag of cement
  • Water
  • Bucket


  1. Pour the 2 sacks of soil on the ground and make a pile. This pile of soil will be used as a mold for the birdbath
  2. Then arrange the leaves on top of the pile of soil
  3. Prepare the cement by adding a little more water than the 'recipe' indicates on the cement bag. We want the cement to be more liquid, so that it molds all the veins and all the little details on the rhubarb leaves.
  4. First, gently add the cement on the leaves
  5. Arrange the cement to give the shape of your birdbath, you do not have to follow the shape of the leaves
  6. Let dry 24h
  7. After 24h remove all the leaves, use a wire-bristle brush to brush the cement, if bits of leaves are stuck in the cement

Now, add water into the bird bath and your bath will be ready to use ! Over time, the birdbath will get dirty and will become the same color as the one at the beginning of the video. No need to paint it, the cement will change color naturally.

To discover all the process step by step, watch the video below !

Have you ever done something similar ? If so, feel free to share your photos of your projects with us in the comments section !

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