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Woman who always confuses right and left gets a tattoo to solve the problem.

Woman who always confuses right and left gets a tattoo to solve the problem.
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Some people face certain problems, or difficulties, which they are often ashamed of and try to hide from the rest of the world. But they are still desperately trying to find a solution! Even the most seemingly insignificant things can be very annoying. 

For  D'Kodia Laine, 23, it was the confusion of her right and left - a problem common to many, but one that most people manage to resolve as they age. She decided to solve the problem once and for all, having the first letters of both directions tattooed on the backs of her hands, right next to the thumbs.

Instagram @dkodia

The Australian student, said she often made fun of herself and felt embarrassed to confuse her right with her left. She says that once, she was chosen as the team leader during a treasure hunt during a party and that she continued to give the wrong indications: from this episode was born the idea. A friend then drew letters on her hands as a reminder. And D'Kodia decided to make them permanent.

Instagram @dkodia

She found the tattoo artist Lauren Winzer of the Hunter And Fox Tattoo, who then posted pictures of the tattoos on her Instagram profile: 'Not only are tattoos cute, but they can also be super functional! Good luck with all your future directions, happy to help guide you,'

People went crazy on the comments! Many people are also dealing with this issue and found this solution actually quite helpful. Someone even commented that they will need these tattoos when they will learn to drive.

It seems like a lot of people are still confusing left and right, and maybe it is time to be more understanding! Not everyone's brain function the same way. 

So, next time you are giving someone directions try to be a little more patient!

Would this tattoo be helpful to you, too? 

Source: Daily Mail · Photo Credit: Instagram @dkodia

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