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You can calm a fussy baby by massaging their feet!

You can calm a fussy baby by massaging their feet!
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If you are a new mom, or know one, you probably know that it can be very hard to calm a fussy baby. If you tried everything without success, you have to try reflexology. This practice believes that using your hands on certain pressure points correspond to certain areas of the body. For babies, it is recommended to use their little feet because they are tons or tiny pressure points. 

1. Toes

By massaging baby's little tiny toes, you can help with pain in the head and teeth - yes it's perfect for teething babies!

2. Ball of the foot

This area is located between the toes and the arch, it's actually the area you stand on when on tiptoes. Massaging the ball of the foot helps with the chest area. 

3. Middle of the foot

Massage the middle of baby's foot if they are having trouble with constipation or colic. That area correspond to the big and little intestine. 

4. Heels

The feel is associated with the pelvic area, it's also a great spot to massage if your little one is constipated. 

Here is a "Foot Map" to help soothe your baby better. Keep in mind that if you baby is having major problems or issues, you should always consult your doctor.

Watch this video to learn more!

What do you think of this technique? Will you be trying it next time baby is fussy?

Source: TotallyTheBomb · Photo Credit: adobe

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