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You can determine if someone is a good person with the ‘Shopping Cart Test’!

You can determine if someone is a good person with the  ‘Shopping Cart Test’!
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Shipping carts are a necessity at the grocery store or the big box store. Once you are done pushing all of your groceries and unloading them inside your car, what do you do with the shopping cart?

It seems like a silly question, but many people believe that it could tell a lot about your character! In fact, a Twitter user named Jared shared the picture below called “The Shopping Cart Theory.”


While there is no official rule or law to return your cart to the return area, we all know that it is the "right thing to do". But why are some people simply leaving them in the parking lot? Twitter had a lot to say about that issue.

However, it seems like this matter is not black or white. There are people with small children that can't leave the baby alone to go return the cart or have a disability which makes it very difficult for them. Another user mentioned that the groceries are employing people to do that job and that would leave them unemployed!

A good way to facilitate the task of returning the cart and hopefully get some good karma, is to park right next to the return area. You won't have any excuses! However, that spot can be known as "dangerous" as some people are reckless when returning their cart, but that is a whole other topic! 

So, on what side are you? Where do you leave the shopping cart once you are done?


Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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